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Only a Cyclops could forge the thunderbolt of Zeus - so it takes a Cyclops to craft the most premium eLiquid coveted by men. Forged from the golden wisps of the gate of clouds and elements of Olympus, infused with ambrosia and nectar, perfected with the purity of the hand of the Cyclops... Cyclops Vapor eLiquids are a premium, high quality eJuice with natural flavors that provide a vapor worthy of the Gods who inspire them.

Among the Olympic Gods - both light and dark, loving and sinister - they toil to win the worship of men. Each of the Gods has their own favor; and each professes to have created the finest eLiquid.

In the end, they let the number of servants loyal to their creations decide who would rule Olympus in the end.

Premium eLiquids

The finest eLiquids crafted in the United States, containing the essence of the Olympian Gods.
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Fear not the depths of my father's domain. Icy cold waters, hiding death in deep fathoms, still offer safe passage by the liquid I have forged for his loyal servants. - The Cyclops

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Cyclops Vapor provides high quality, premium blended eliquids (also known as ejuices) for vapers around the world. Our products are proudly crafted from only the finest locally source ingredients.

Our products contain nicotine and are intended for use by individuals of legal age. This deific liquid, forged by the Cyclops, is offered from Olympus for your pleasure. Please enjoy responsibly; keep out of the reach of young mortals and animals.

Manufactured & Packaged in the USA.