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Cyclops Vapor Makes ECigarette Reviewed ‘Best E-Juice Brands’ List

Posted by Venus on

Cyclops Vapor Makes ECigarette Reviewed ‘Best E-Juice Brands’ List

There are hundreds, arguably thousands of e-liquid brands on the market today, andECigarette Reviewed recently conducted a poll to find the best vendors according to those who know their juices best — vapers. More than 35,790 people have voted in the poll so far, hearing mainly about the survey from social media or companies who have shared. ECigarette Reviewed then compiled its top 20 list, and Cyclops Vapor has made it!

Coming in at No. 12, we received 474 votes as of the writing of this blog (voting is still open), and ECigarette Reviewed says that originally we were in seventh place and we deserved a higher spot. Our e-liquid line comes in 65 percent VG, with six nicotine levels. Our bottles range from 15 to 120 ml. Choose from popular flavors such as Colossus, a vanilla custard blend, Poseidon, a melon and mixed fruit blend, Artemis, a berry cobbler flavor, and Athena, which consists of a green apple blend.

The No. 1 spot went to Black Note, a naturally-extracted tobacco mixer, with Vape Wild coming in second with almost 1,900 votes. Black Note’s flavors come in varieties of tobacco, with Quartet being a recommended flavor for vapers looking for a “realistic” tobacco flavor. Vape Wild’s lineup consists of almost 140 flavors, including breakfast, candies, desserts, fruits and more. ECigarette Reviewed highlights Smurf Cake, a blueberry cheesecake blend, and Circus Bear, a strawberry, banana and custard mix.

Coming in third is the well-known Boosted E-Juice, with 5.62 percent of the votes. The company boasts six flavors in a 60 percent VG blend and nic levels between 0 and 18 mg.

Rounding out the top five is The Steam Factory and Mech Sauce E-Juice, respectively. Receiving 919 votes, The Steam Factory has five flavors in its line, ranging from Castaway, a tropical fruit flavor, to Muffcake, a half muffin, half cupcake blend with lemon and mixed fruit. Finally we have Virginia-based Mech Sauce, with 47 flavors to choose from. Popular flavors include Mech Milk, a strawberry milkshake flavor, and Antidote, a strawberry shortcake ice cream flavor.

For a list of Cyclops Vapors’ e-liquid lineup, visit

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