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Cyclops Year in Wrap Up

Posted by Venus on

Cyclops Vapor End-of-Year Wrap

Since the inception of the Cyclops Vapor blog in March, we’ve seen a lot of exciting things in the vaping world. 2017 saw a lot of themes that we’ve reported on, and we hope that 2018 is an even more exciting year for the vaping community. Let’s take a look back at the year’s highlights.


Banning was widespread in 2017, so much so that we implemented a monthly blog dedicated to townships, college campuses, parks and even entire states that have said no to tobacco and vaping products. While e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, nonetheless the jurisdictions that we highlighted included vaping in their banning ordinances. New York stated even decided on an indoor vaping ban that is still seeing a ton of backlash. The state became the 11th to have such a statewide law on public vaping, joining California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah and Vermont.

Tobacco 21

We agree that minors should not be allowed to purchase or possess tobacco or vaping products. However, 2017 saw a lot of Tobacco 21 regulation set in place. While some jurisdictions only went the purchase route, meaning 18 and over could still possess, many adopted ordinances made it illegal to purchase or possess vaping or tobacco products unless you were 21. Arguments ranged from 18 being the legal age of adulthood, serving in the military and that vaping actually helps smokers quit —it’s not a gateway to smoking. We predict we will see more of this legislation taking effect in 2018.

A Look at Marketing

More and more e-liquid manufacturers are finally getting it! Perhaps it’s due to the fact that they are getting sued — or getting educated — whatever the reason is, this year we saw fewer bottles that could be seen as marketing to children instead of adults. This only rings positive for our industry, as it’s one of the biggest criticisms it faces in the fight for or against proper regulation. Speaking of …

Deeming Regulation

This summer saw one of the biggest wins for vapers so far in terms of regulations. As part of the Food and Drug Administration’s deeming rule, federal law would mandate that e-cigs are tobacco products under the Tobacco Act, regulating them the same and grouping them into that category. However, on July 28, vapers won a battle with the FDA, when the organization delayed the part of the deeming regulations that “could have removed many of their products from the market and opened the door to endorsing e-cigarettes as a means to get smokers to quit,” according to The New York Times. FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb says that the delay is “part of a broad plan to reduce tobacco deaths in the United States, which now number about 480,000 a year. That strategy will include steps to push makers of tobacco cigarettes to reduce the levels of nicotine in their products to make them less addictive.” In a nutshell, lower levels of nicotine may be required in products, and the focus will be on harm reduction, especially with youths. Businesses now have much more time to submit their applications for new products to the market; the new deadline is Aug. 8, 2022.

Positive General News

Also in 2017, Cyclops Vapor continued our “Unchained” video series, traveled to amazing events and celebrated the expansion of our e-liquid line. The American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) voted to expand its membership to all manufacturing businesses within the vaping world, including hardware manufacturers, products distributors, retailers and more. More research than ever came out to support vaping as a harm reduction tool, especially Penn State’s Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) study, which assessed that e-cigarettes are less addictive than regular cigarettes — a huge finding for our industry.

We thank everyone for reading in 2017, and we wish everyone a very happy and prosperous 2018.

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