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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Mod

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It goes without saying that most (all?) mechanical devices require maintenance to ensure that they stay in tip-top shape. You take your car to the shop for routine tune-ups, don’t you? While your mod is significantly smaller than a vehicle, it too requires normal upkeep. Luckily, caring for your mod won’t be nearly as expensive as a trip to your mechanic.

Not only does regular cleaning promote the longevity of your device, it also ensures that you get maximum flavor on every hit – and who doesn’t want that?

In order to help any new vapers follow along with our maintenance tips, we’ve created a quick run-down of the main components of your device.

  • The Tank: The tank is what holds e-liquid and is usually combined with the atomizer.
  • The Coil: The coil is the heating element that turns e-liquid into vapor (yay science).
  • The Battery: The battery is, of course, the power source of the unit.
  • The Mod: The mod is what houses the battery, and it is what the tank connects to. The mod may have voltage and temperature control options.

With that covered, let’s dive into our tips and tricks!

How Often To Charge Your Device
First of all – make sure to check if your battery has the pass-through feature. If it does (as in it charges through a port on the housing), then you can vape while it’s charging. Other batteries need removal from the mod in order to charge, in which case … well obviously you can’t use it. It’s always a good idea to allow the device to charge fully before resuming use though, as vaping while your mod is charging will prolong it.

As for how often you should charge your mod, the answers vary. Some vapers will tell you to charge it when it stops firing. Others will tell you to watch for the voltage to get low. Battery University says that lithium batteries (which many, many vaping devices use) will see the longest possible lifespan if they are charged more frequently without being drained with use. By that standard, it’s better to charge your battery sooner rather than later.

When To Change Your Coil
It’s happened to all of us; you go to hit your vape and it tastes awful. Your coil’s gone bad, and it’s time for a new one. The time between coil changes is different for everyone, but most vapers generally need to change theirs every one to four weeks of usage. Every two weeks is a good rule, but you should always keep an eye on the taste and color of your e-liquid to look for signs that it’s time to swap coils.

When To Clean Your Device
To preserve flavor integrity you’ll want to make sure to rinse your tank out every time you change e-liquid flavors (unless you like to blend – in that case, you do you). It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your mod throughout the week to make sure there’s no build-up or junk clinging to it. More in-depth, thorough cleanings should happen every few weeks.

How To Clean Your Device
There are two different ways you can go about cleaning your tank: One is a fairly simple rinse with water, and the other involves alcohol (unflavored vodka is what we recommend). The simple rinse will normally suffice, but from time-to-time you may want to give it a good thorough cleaning just for peace of mind. Both will require you removing your tank from the mod, getting rid of any remaining e-liquid you might have in it, and dismantling it.

For the rinse:

1. Fill a bowl with warm water.

2. Put your tank components into the bowl and swish them around until they’re clean (if your tank is super dirty, add a few drops of dish soap).

3. If you added dish soap, make sure to rinse completely!

4. Dry off each part of your tank carefully with a paper towel.

5. Let everything air dry until completely done.

6. Reassemble and get back to it!

For the deep clean:

1. Wet a rag or paper towel with the alcohol and scrub any tough areas until your tank is completely clean.

2. Repeat steps one to six above.

How To Clean Coils – Just Replace Them

Other Tips and Tricks
Make sure to keep your e-liquid levels in check. You don’t it to run dry, but you also don’t want to overfill it and cause leakage. Usually about 75 percent full is the sweet spot.

Make sure to store your device safely. Keep it out of extreme temperatures. Ideally, you’ll want to purchase a case for it to keep it safe when not in use or for travel. 

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