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Cyclops Unchained Episode 60 - The Last Tankful

Posted by Rodman on

Pablo & The Rodman return with talk of the Cloud Chasers/CCI mating, the new Unchained Facebook group, upcoming shows and...what DID happen to Pablo in Miami?

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The Cloud Chasing Debate

Our industry is filled with innovation that's constantly seeking to push the limits; bigger and better are two things vapers strive for: bigger mods, deeper wells, better flavor. In an inquisitive, ever-expanding community that seems to always seek to push the limits, cloud chasing evolved naturally, as a natural outgrowth of the vaping lifestyle. [...]

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‘Cyclops Unchained with Pablo and the Rodman’ Video Series Continues

Cyclops Vapor’s video series has been busy in the second half of the year, multitasking as an on-the-road TV show. “Unchained with Pablo and the Rodman” has taken America by storm at various events across the nation, and if you’ve missed the live show, no worries — the recordings are up on Cyclops’ Facebook page [...]

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Tax Issues Take Front Seat During Voting Season

While we aren’t tasked with voting for the President of the United States this November, vapers are affected by many tax issues on the ballot this season.Voters in Lansing, Mich. should be privy to a 27-page house bill introduced by Rep. Thoman Albert (R-Lowell). reports that the bill would raise taxes on the wholesale [...]

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Global Market Research Companies Release Predictive Data

Whether it’s through 2022 or 2025, data analysis companies have released their latest predictions for the future of worldwide vaping. The Global E-Cigarette and Vaporizer Market Analysis & Trends - Industry Forecast to 2025 is out, and the e-cigarette and vaporizer market is predicted to grow at a “CAGR of around 20.8 percent over the [...]

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New Research Supports The Vaping Industry

While the vaping industry has been given a bit of a reprieve in the product registration/deeming regulations realm, research continues to support various claims surrounding smoking cessation, ingredients and health. Vaping Could Play a Role in Smoking CessationWe are not yet allowed to call e-cigarettes smoking cessation products, however a paper published in Addictive Behaviors [...]

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October’s Vape Bans, Proposals Wrapup

If there’s a chill in the air where you are, it may be due to colder temperatures. But, it may also be the freeze of a good old vape ban. The summer and early fall were a busy time of year for possible bans and those that have already been passed into reports that [...]

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Vaping in Jails — Yes or No?

Vaping in Jails — Yes or No?We all know that orange is the new black, so is the e-cigarette the new norm in our country’s prisons and jails? Analog cigarettes have long been controversial within prison walls, used as bartering fodder or called contraband. Since vaping usually comes with more “stuff” than a cigarette — [...]

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Cyclops Unchained - Episode 57 - David Goerlitz & The PabloBot 3000

Rodman tries out his new Pablobot 3000 and we take a look back at a never before seen interview with David Goerlitz.

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FDA Publishes Product Manufacturing Guidelines Just Shy of Sept. 30 Deadline

FDA Publishes Product Manufacturing Guidelines Just Shy of Sept. 30 DeadlineThe U.S. tobacco product manufacturing registration deadline is Sept. 30, and tobacco and e-vapor expert law firmKeller and Heckman reports that just this week the Food and Drug Administration published a “Revised Guidance for Industry” report. The report is a lengthy one, and the firm [...]

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