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April Banning Report: San Francisco Ban Update; Colorado House Passes Indoor Ban

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Big players are coming out in a strong way this month, aiming to ban both flavors and general vaping in several jurisdictions across the United States. San Francisco’s lawmakers are trying to ban the sale of e-cigarettes in their entirety, including online. USA Today reports that the bill’s sponsor, Supervisor Shamann Walton, also wants to ban making, selling or distributing tobacco products on city property, vapes included. In other big news, a bill banning indoor vaping has passed in the Colorado House. The Gazette reports that HB 1076 passed with a 48-17 vote, making way for it to move into the Senate. This would add vaping to the state’s Clean Indoor Act, which bans smoking in businesses, restaurants, hotels and hospitals. Additionally, vapers and smokers would have to stand 25 feet away from entrances instead of the current 15. Some places would be exempt, like cigar bars and places where smoking is permitted. Other banning news includes:

  • Hawaii, where officials were trying for a statewide ban on flavors. Hawaii was the first state to adopt Tobacco 21, and legislators wanted to ban e-liquid flavors. While the state’s House Finance Committee deferred the proposal, making it ineligible for this legislative session, it’s something to watch for in the future.
  • Colorado, where HB1076 is on the table to ban vaping indoors, a modification of the state’s current Clean Indoor Air Act. The House Health and Insurance Committee has approved the bill, moving it to the House.
  • Spring Hill, TN, where the city’s mayor and Board of Aldermen have voted to ban vaping in public parks via ordinance 19-05. Smoking is already prohibited.
  • Minnesota, where HF349 has been introduced as an amendment to the state’s Clean Indoor Act that currently bans smoking “in public places, places of employment, public transportation, and at public meetings.” The measure has moved through the House Commerce Committee for a vote and was approved in the House in early March, with the next step being to schedule a meeting for the Senate.
  • Yarmouth, MA, where the Board of Health wants to ban sales of e-cigarettes and flavored cigarettes. In-town sales of flavored tobacco products are currently banned, with menthol, mint and wintergreen being exempt — for now.
  • West Virginia University, where campus governors passed a smoke-free on-campus policy. The unanimous vote allows for the policy to go into effect August 1.
  • Hardin County, KY, where an ordinance amendment is being consider to add e-cigarettes to the public smoking ban. The current ordinance bans smoking in public buildings and within 15 feet of entrances.
  • Appleton, WI, where city officials had proposed banning vaping in the workplace, much to the ire of vape shop owners. The new ordinance is an amendment to the smoke-free workplace ban in place, however after owners came forward at a Board of Health meeting, the amendment has been rewritten to exempt vape shops. The amendment once again went before the board, and they recommended it go back to the Board of Health, making for an “unusual” reconsideration. ABC2 reports that after “a heated debate” in front of a divided standing room only crowd, the city council made the ban official with a unanimous vote, however vape shops stayed exempt.
  • Florida, where the House is going through the movements to back the voters who approved a workplace vaping ban in November. However, the News Herald notes that the “proposal doesn’t include a push by anti-smoking advocates to redefine vaping devices as tobacco products.” PCB HQS 19-02 has been passed by the House Health Quality Subcommittee and would ban vaping indoors as well as within 1,000 ft. of schools.