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Cyclops Vapor Debuts Rebranded Bottles at Atlanta Vape Showcase

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Cyclops Vapor made its way to the Atlanta Expo Center South on March 25-26 for the Atlanta
Vape Showcase. Since The Vape Showcase has been successful in other cities like Houston,
Pittsburgh and Dallas, Atlanta was a debut location for the Finney brothers’ convention.

Rod Cochran, Cyclops Vapor’s Director of Marketing said that the Finney brothers always put
on one of the most professional shows in the industry and that it was amazing to see so many
people in the industry come together to make the show happen for vapers in Atlanta.

“Atlanta had never had a large vape show, and to be a part of this was special and the end result
was everything everyone expected,” he said.

While a highlight of the Showcase was the 2017 Giant Vapes E-Liquid Awards where
participating vendors could submit flavors to the competition, Cochran, who was a host of the
advocacy panel along with Alex Clark, wishes that more people would have been interested in
advocacy than who won best flavor.

He said since Aug. 8 shows have been seeing declines in both vendors and consumers.Companies wanted to see more ROI, but there were so many shows. Consumer numbers are falling off with the lack of free merchandise at shows.

However, Cochran is seeing a bit of a resurgence.

“Now with shows like Vape Showcase and National Vape Expo doing it the right way, I am
seeing shows return and consumers return,” he said. “I think the ‘vape show’ had to be recreated
in a professional manor, that didn't depend on ‘free shit’ to draw people out. Any monkey can
stand on a stage and throw out free stuff to draw a crowd. It takes more professionalism than that
in the new vape landscape.’”

As for the rebranded bottles, Cyclops decided to refresh the look with a white marble, cleaner
design and white dropper cap added. Cochran said that since it’s spring, things just needed a
fresh look.

The Showcase saw more than 10,000 attendees, more than 600 shops and around 450 vendors hit
the show floor. Cyclops decided to have two booths at this show, one for the Cyclops Unchained
video show and one for the shop. Cyclops Unchained was invited to the show because Cochran
was asked to be the emcee.

“Once we saw the large amount of attention that the Atlanta show was getting and knew how
well the Finney brothers do Vape Showcase, we decided to purchase a booth for Cyclops Vapor
to premier our new bottles and dropper caps,” Cochran said. “I have been emcee for many vape
shows across the US and was first approached by the Finney brothers at Vapin the Sun in
Arizona. They had me emcee the Vape Showcase in Pittsburgh last year and asked would I be
interested again for this show in Atlanta. I am very grateful for the opportunity and always enjoy
working Vape Showcase events.”

Besides making general announcements, Cochran also hosted the Advocacy Panel with CASAA
and SFATA, as well as the awards ceremony. Cyclops Unchained also shot two episodes at the
Showcase with Pablo and The Rodman. Cochran also will be emceeing shows across the States,
in Ireland, Russia and Mexico City. His next event as emcee is the National Vape Expo in
Connecticut May 6-7.

For more information about The Vape Showcase, visit The Vape Showcase website or follow
The Vape Showcase for updates on Facebook .