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February Banning Report

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February is traditionally the month of love, however vaping gets no love from the bevy of passed or potential banning legislation spreading across the country. Here’s the monthly rundown of what we’ve compiled for the second month of 2019:

  • New York-based Skidmore College, which went smoke- and vape-free at the beginning of the year. Outdoors are also included in the ban, according to The Saratogian.
  • Columbia City, SC, where Councilman Howard Duvall wants to ban vaping as an amendment to the existing smoke-free workplace ordinance. According to freetimes, bars and restaurants would be included in the ban.
  • As of mid-January, it’s now illegal to vape at New Jersey’s parks, forests, boardwalks, beaches or any state-owned property, reports NJSpotlight. First-time violators face $250 fines, second-time $500, with more adding up to a possible whopping $1,000, one of the strictest in the nation.
  • Alabama-based Decatur, where the city council has banned vaping in public buildings such as restaurants and bars, reports The ban is an amendment to the existing smoking ban, which extends to “areas within 10 feet of the entrances of public places.”
  • Tyler, TX, where the city council voted to extend the smoking ban to include no vaping in public places. The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports that the decision was unanimous.
  • The entire state of Massachusetts, where vaping has been banned in all workplaces, schools, restaurants, bars and taxis. This is an addition to the Massachusetts Smoke-Free Workplace Law, according to Athol Daily News.
  • Appleton, WI, where the Post Crescent reports that the Board of Health is asking the city to ban vaping in workplaces. This would be a modification to the existing city ordinance on smoke-free workplaces. It’s currently in the hands of the Common Council.
  • Denver, CO, where lawmakers also want to amend the existing Clean Indoor Air Act to include vaping. CBS Denver reports restaurants, workplaces and “most indoor areas open to the public” are in the act, and vaping would be banned within 25 feet of public buildings and workplaces.
  • Rome, GA, where the Rome News-Tribune reports that the town is mulling a smoking and vaping ban in the downtown area. The ban passed the public safety committee in January, with a second reading planned for February. Public comment can be held during the “citizen comments” section of City Hall meetings after a sign up. Under the ordinance, smoking and vaping would be prohibited “on all public property along Broad and its side streets, between East First and East Eighth avenues. Fines could be levied as $50 for first offense and up to $250 for subsequent offenses. Businesses also could be penalized anywhere from $100 to $500.
  • The Times Free Press reports that the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has banned vaping on campus. This includes all university buildings and private vehicles.
  • Elon, NC, where the town has banned vaping and smoking on downtown streets, according to Fox 8. Fines of $50 could be levied, and for now enforcement consist of an honor system, but officers can levy fines after warnings.