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January Banning Report

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New year, same old fight against vaping bans across the nation. The following is a list of the latest bans either taking place or recently passed toward the final push of 2018 and into the legislative session of 2019. For the most up-to-date information, visit

  • Chatham, NJ, where the township committee has voted to prohibit vaping in public. This is an amendment to the town’s “Smoking Prohibited” section of the township’s police regulations, according to TAPintoChatham.
  • Berthoud, CO, where an ordinance has been amended thanks to a request from Chief of Police Sergeant Jim Anderson requested the statute be amended “to give the officers of the police force the tools needed to address a new threat that has emerged in the last few years,” namely, vaping, according to the Berthoud Weekly Surveyor. Vaping is now banned in certain public places.
  • The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has voted to update anti-smoking ordinances to include vaping. The new ordinance bans vaping “at all outdoor dining areas of restaurants and bars in unincorporated county areas and on the periphery of any county facility,” according to NBC Los Angeles. At least 825 restaurants will be affected by the new law, expected to be adopted sometime this year.
  • Farmington Hills, MI, where city council members are mulling a vaping ordinance, according to the Farmington Voice.
  • King County, WA, where the Board of Health is trying to get vaping banned in public places, joining 19 other cities in the county that already have tobacco-free park policies, reports
  • Cullman, AL, where the city council has voted to include vaping under the clean air act, according to The Cullman Times. Now vaping will be prohibited inside public buildings and requires vapers to not be in doorways outside of businesses. Some businesses will still be allowed to choose if vaping will be allowed indoors, and indoor use will still be allowed in area vape shops.
  • Easton, MA, where the Boston Globe reports a Board of Health proposal to add e-cigarettes to the ban in public places. The ban would apply to “tobacco or non-tobacco product intended for inhalation in any manner or form.”
  • Miami, MO, where the city council has enforced a no vaping use prohibition in city facilities or properties, reports
  • In Florida, where voters were asked to decide if vaping should be banned in indoor workspaces, reports. Amendment 9 passed.
  • Lenawee County, MI, where the Board of Commissioners are amending the existing Clean Air Ordinance “to end the lines of smokers standing in front of its buildings,” reports Vaping will be added, and the ordinance will now apply to all county property including parking lots. If prosecuted, offenders could pay a fine of $50 and court fees. Repeat offense fines are under debate.
  • Flagstaff, AZ, where vaping is now treated the same as commercial tobacco products in the city, reports the Arizona Daily Sun. Vaping is now banned in enclosed public spaces including banks, schools, bars and restaurants, retail stores and reception areas. The city is also debating Tobacco 21 for purchase, but not possession.

Morgantown, WV, where West Virginia University’s Board of Governors has approved a vaping ban on campus, reports the Herald-Dispatch. There will be a public comment period before final adoption, as well as process development for enforcement.