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New Study Shows Greece Smoking Rate Down Thanks to E-Cigarettes

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Long-time vaping advocate and researcher Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos served as the lead researcher on another study benefitting the vaping industry. Commissioned by the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens, Greece; the National School of Public Health; and the universities of Patra and Macedonia the study shows the “cigarette smoking in Greece has been drastically reduced,” reports Greek Reporter, and researchers are saying the change is due to use of electronic cigarettes.

Farsalinos told the Greek Reporter that “data shows that Greece is the most successful country in the world in terms of the positive effects of electronic cigarettes on reducing smoking in the population.”

The study researched 2,568 former and current smokers in the Attica region of Greece. It found that since 2014, 40 percent of smokers who have quit smoking used either electronic cigarettes to help the quit or are currently vaping. Study participant data of note:

  • 36.2 percent of e-cigarette users also use tobacco products
  • 62.2 percent are former smokers
  • 0.2 percent have never smoked anything but electronic cigarettes

Greek Reporter says that “a high proportion of Greek citizens has quit smoking altogether due to the use of these new types of cigarettes as they weaned themselves away from smoking traditional cigarettes.” And, e-cigarette vapers are 11 times more likely to quit in comparison to those who may be trying to kick the habit with other means like the patch.