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Social Media Platforms, Netflix Change E-Cigarette Rules

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Facebook, Instagram and Netflix are making changes to what’s being allowed on their feeds and streams, and vaping is getting thrown into the mix.

Alcohol and tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, are the target on Facebook and Instagram. The social media platforms have released a new policy that prohibits “all private sales, trades, transfers and gifting of alcohol and tobacco,” reports CNET. Under the new rules, if businesses want to post alcohol- and tobacco-related content, 18 is the new age restriction, including items on Facebook’s Marketplace, in organic content and on Facebook Groups created to sell said items.

CNET notes that all posts won’t be affected. As long as the posts aren’t directly geared toward alcohol and e-cigarette sales, they will be exempt from the new policy. Additionally, influencers paid to promote products can still post without age restrictions.

Streaming giant Netflix’s restrictions seem to be a bit more harsh, as all e-cigarette representations in content targeted to TV-14 and below for series and PG-13 for films are wiped in the future. The National Law Review reports that the new rules are in response to a Truth Initiative Study that showed Netflix “depicts smoking more than broadcast TV.” The study grouped vaping in with smoking, and supporters say removing depictions of e-cigarettes “could significantly impact this generation’s vaping epidemic.”