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Sound Off — What is Proper Vaping Etiquette?

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Indoor bans, outdoor bans, no vaping on planes, stealth vaping — whether you agree or disagree with secondhand vape and the effect (or none at all) it has on non-vapers, vaping etiquette is something that all vapers can adhere too to help shine us in a more positive light.

Etiquette experts Debrett’s and Vype took a closer look at 2,000 UK-based vapers versus non-vapers in a 2017 study in terms of opinions on proper etiquette when vaping in public. Purplebox Vapours then put together an infographic that summed up the study’s viewpoint on the do’s and don’ts. The span of points of view is quite astonishing. One example noted in the survey was that 80 percent of vapers “say that they try to be mindful of the people around them,” yet one in three non-vapers cited “a lack of politeness amongst e-cig users.”

Other survey findings of note:

  • 57 percent of respondents said they were confused by social rules of vaping
  • Almost half said that it is unclear where you can and cannot vape
  • Least acceptable places to vape included restaurants; lines; confined spaces like the elevator or waiting rooms; someone else’s car; or on public transportation

Vaping at Work

One-third of survey respondents said that they work with someone who vapes. If you do vape at work, Debrett’s suggests finding out if your workplace has a clear vaping policy, and even if it is allowed in the workplace, be mindful of your colleagues and vape in moderation. Additionally, Debrett’s even says that it would be a good idea to ask colleagues if it’s OK if you vape inside the workplace.

Cloud ChasingCloud chasing at shows, conferences and the like is great for entertainment. But, should we do it in public? Over one-third of respondents thought that blowing vapor into someone’s face “was a breach of good manners.” We think this is common sense, but the fact that it’s in the survey suggests that it happens more than we’d like to hear. Also, almost half said that “plumes of vape” are inconsiderate and perceived as an invasion of personal space. Therefore, take note and don’t be rude.

General Do’s and Don’tsDo ask about vaping policies in public places before puffing away. Ask hosts’ permission before vaping in their homes, and if people are in your home, Debrett’s suggests checking with guests as well. Try to control vape clouds in crowded, outdoor areas, step off to the side or away so the wind doesn’t blow clouds back into people’s faces. If traveling, know before you go — check specific country policies — some don’t allow vaping at all, so don’t let a lack of education ruin your vacation.

Don’t leave your vaping equipment or liquid unattended around children or animals, and don’t vape around cats and dogs because Debrett’s says that PG content can cause anemia in animals.

Finally, give smokers a break. Most vapers were smokers at one time and are trying their best to kick the habit. Be an advocate for vaping and explain the benefits of our beautiful industry.