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HR293 Threatens E-Cigarette Sales Across State Lines, Flavors

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While HR293 would effectively ban cigar sales via online, phone and catalogs, the bill dubbed the “Youth Vaping Prevention Act of 2019” affects all tobacco and vaping products in the United States, according to The bill also would prohibit sales of e-cigarettes across state lines. This would mean no more shipping from states with lower taxes.

Introduced by Rep. Rosa DeLauro and with no current co-sponsors, the bill also would:

  • Modify the current federal cigar tax statute
  • Increase taxes for cigarettes and other tobacco products and create a tax structure for e-cigarettes
  • Prohibit flavored tobacco products with a restriction that tobacco products “could not have and addictive or any ‘artificial or natural flavor (other than tobacco) or an herb or spice.’” Menthol would be included, except for in analog cigarettes. ENDS systems would be exempt as well — but only approved as tobacco cessation devices.

If passed the bill would become law one year after passing.