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July Banning Report: Venice Beach, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Top Latest Bans

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Summer is finally here, and the bans keep rolling in faster than an afternoon storm. We start off with Venice Beach, where the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors updated county regulations to include vaping. In fact, they went so far to define vaping within the “legal smoking” category. Therefore vaping is now banned in county-owned facilities, will require a 50-foot buffer in front of doors and windows of said facilities and also is banned in county parking lots. Additionally, Venice Beach and Will Rogers State Beach won’t allow vaping, along with unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County’s hospitals, libraries, museums, bus stops and outdoor dining areas.

Atlanta’s City Council has approved a ban at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which prohibits vaping and smoking in restaurants and bars. If the mayor approves, it would go into effect Jan. 2. Some businesses like private clubs and cigar bars would be exempt, so the jury is out on if this would also affect the airport in the same way.

Other areas affected by bans are:

  • The state of Colorado, where HB19-1076 threatens to include vaping devices under the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act. If approved, bans would include indoor areas like restaurants and businesses; would require a 25-feet smoke-free buffer in front of building entryways; eliminate current exempt status at Denver International Airport, smoking hotel rooms and assisted living facilities. Cannabis stores, however, would still be exempt.
  • Skagit County, WA, where after tons of debate from vape shop owners, county commissioners have delayed deciding on a public smoking and vaping ban. If passed, the ordinance would prohibit vaping within 25 feet of doorways of businesses and public spaces like parks and beaches
  • The state of Florida, where a voter-approved workplace ban went into effect July 1. Vaping will still be allowed in stand-alone bars, vape shops, smoking hotel rooms and retail tobacco shops.
  • Oxford, MS, where the Board of Aldermen have amended Chapter 50, Article IV-Smoking Ban of the city’s Code of Ordinances. Vaping is now prohibited in bars, restaurants and city-owned property.
  • Fond du Lac, WI, where a ban has been implemented — vaping is no longer allowed in public places. Vape shops are thankfully exempt.
  • Sacramento, CA, where there is now a ban on flavored e-cigarette cartridge sales. The ban will go into effect Jan. 1.
  • Boise, ID, where the City Council has voted unanimously to ban vaping on the Greenbelt, in parks and in public places where smoking is prohibited due to an existing ban set in 2011.
  • Arizona State University, where vaping is now banned on campus as of July 1. The Dean of Students will be tasked with enforcement of the new policy.
  • Brighton, MI, where the City Council is working through a vaping ban ordinance. That would make vaping illegal within city limits — a civil infraction under the new proposal.
  • Columbia, SC, where vaping is now banned at bars, gambling facilities, outdoor shopping malls, city-owned facilities, outdoor arenas, playgrounds and restaurants — including outdoor patios. Additionally, there must be a 25-foot gap between vapers and buildings where smoking is prohibited. Fines could amount to $100 for the first violation, second $200 and subsequent $500.
  • Hoover, AL, where the City Council is looking at a vaping ban in public areas, including indoor retail shops, i.e. vaping shops. Even people who run home offices wouldn’t be allowed to smoke inside their own homes according to the proposal. Discussions are still under way.
  • Forsyth, MO, where officials are looking to change the city’s code to add vaping products to the existing tobacco ordinance.