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Prop E Flavor Ban Passes, Sets Major U.S. Precedent

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Prop E Flavor Ban Passes, Sets Major U.S. Precedent

As a major slap to the face of adult smokers looking for an alternative to kick analog cigarettes, the people of San Francisco voted on Prop E Tuesday, June 5, with about 69 percent of voters approving the ban previously mentioned in a Cyclops Blog.

ABC 7 reports that the new proposition upholds the San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ unanimous vote to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes, shisha/hookah tobacco, flavored e-liquid, mint and wintergreen tobacco and flavored cigars. This so far is the strongest flavor ban in the history of the U.S.

Two sides were financially invested in Prop E, as R.J. Reynolds donated approximately $12 million in support of the cause. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg also got into the bidding war, with $3.6 million going toward the ban. says that R.J. Reynolds’ ad campaign was centered around the ban as prohibition, which drove alcohol to the black market at one time and was eventually lifted. An R.J. Reynolds-backed group was almost successful last year in blocking the ban, as the San Francisco Board of Supervisors had approved a ban of flavored product sales in June of 2017, but that was blocked. Now on this year’s ballot, Prop E supporters didn’t get the vote.

Norm Bour, founder and chief business mentor at VapeMentors and founder and host of Vape Radio, says that the recent ban on e-liquid flavors and menthol by San Francisco voters is an embarrassment that goes beyond words. “The city that was known for embracing all for decades, from hippies in the ‘60s to gay residents in the successive decades, and having some of the most liberal cannabis attitudes in the nation has set a dangerous precedent.”

Now, the ordinance will become effective after 30 days of enactment. Businesses in violation will have their sales permits suspended. View the full day’s election results:Bay Area June 2018 Election Day results.