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French Study Finds Adults Who Vape 'More Likely' to Quit Smoking

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A new study coming out of Paris, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, is yet another step in the right direction for vapers who are looking to kick the cigarette habit for good. The study followed 5,400 current daily adult French smokers and 2,025 former smokers who were enrolled between 2012 and 2015. Healio reports that of the current smokers, 822 used e-cigarettes, and of the former smokers, 176 used e-cigarettes. According to KDKA 2, the study’s findings showed that “smokers who vaped used fewer cigarettes per day and were more than one and a half times as likely to quit completely.”

However, the study also found that e-cigarette use could be a short-term solution and may “increase the risk of relapse in some former smokers,” leading the head researcher to note that the more effective the vape, the better the chance at quitting altogether. This could mean a variety of factors — including flavors — which have been under scrutiny across the nation and even banned in some areas.

“This study is the first to point out that even if smokers may succeed in stopping smoking with the aid of electronic cigarettes, they still need to be monitored by doctors and health professionals to prevent a relapse in the long term,” Ramchandar Gomajee, the paper’s lead author and a researcher at France’s Pierre Louis Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health, told KDKA 2.

Improved technology is the key, according to the researchers, with newer e-cigarettes reducing relapse in the study’s participants. Factors included:

  • Those who quit smoking from 2010 onward, vaping increased their relapse risk
  • Those who quit smoking from 2013 onward, they were not more likely to relapse if they vaped
  • Newer models could be “more satisfying” due to higher levels of nicotine, in addition to overall technical improvements

Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, told KDKA: “Prior to technological advancements made around 2013, e-cigarette devices were difficult to use and only effective for the most dedicated of would-be quitters.” [Devices used years earlier] “bear no resemblance to current technology, so using ancient data is not particularly helpful to understanding whether vaping products can help smokers quit today.”

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