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Vaping-Centered Weddings Go Viral — What's Your Take?

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With this vape I thee wed! The newest wedding trend hitting happy couples is vaping. Whether it’s in photos, backgrounds or the entire theme, vaping has been recognized by Brides magazine as a top trend for the year. And, of course, in the recent weeks that we’ve seen the trend going viral, there has already been some controversy (which, let’s be honest, this is nothing new for our industry).

For starters, Bride’s story started with “we apologize in advance for the news we’re about to break.” Why the biased apology to start off introducing trend that adult brides and grooms are having fun with? Happy couples are vaping in their photos, using vaping wedding planners to surround their day with vaping, vaping etiquette guides and decorating wedding venues with prime vaping opportunities. Read: “dark backdrops that show off your vapor clouds in stark contrast," Gianna Delmonte of shared. Delmonte also suggested choosing your wedding theme around your favorite e-liquid flavor. Colossus Vanilla Custard wedding cake, anyone?

The story takes a pleasant turn at this point, sharing seasonal guides to wedding vaping geared toward couples looking for inspiration and ideas. However, Twitter trolls had a field day with the viral news, with announcements from Fox News, 101.3 KDWB,, Wedding Planner News and more. One Tweeter said it was “ridiculous,” while another said that they weren’t really into trends.

What’s your take on the trend? Should vaping be included, or should it stay off the registry?