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VA Hospitals Ban Vaping Tops June Banning Update

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Legislative sessions are ripe with banning happy decision makers, so let’s dive right in to the areas that are mulling bans or that have already sadly passed them. (For the latest on San Francisco, don’t worry, a future blog is coming.)

  • reports that come October, all Department of Veterans Affairs health care facilities will be smoke- and vape-free. There will no longer be designated smoking areas on facility grounds. If the VA facility is co-located with a Defense Department, the policy will differ, and DoD hospitals are exempt as well.
  • Plattsburgh, NY, where city officials are eyeing a ban on vaping on public property, including sidewalks, parks, streets and other public spaces within city limits.
  • The entire state of South Dakota, where vaping products would be banned wherever regular tobacco products already are under HB1209. The ban will take effect July 1, and includes workplaces and public buildings, bars, restaurants and casinos. South Dakota News Watch reports that the ban took effect after “a somewhat hurried process.”
  • The entire state of Florida, where voters have already approved a workplace ban on vaping. The measure has cleared the Senate (SB7012) and is moving through the House (HB7027). Fox 35 reports, however, that “both bills lack the language pushed by anti-smoking advocates that would redefine vaping devices as tobacco products.” The House Health & Human Services Committee already approved a similar measure.
  • DeKalb, IL, where the park district board has walked back an agenda item that would ban smoking and vaping on all park property, with golf courses being exempt. The discussion continues at future board meetings.
  • Skagit County, WA, where county commissioners are mulling a ban on smoking and vaping within 25 feet of workplaces — and indoors — and at public spaces like parks or beaches.
  • The entire state of Oklahoma, where a proposed bill would ban the use and possession of vaping devices in public places. They would be limited to only places where smoking is currently allowed. If passed, the law would go into effect Nov. 1.
  • Los Angeles county’s existing smoking ban has been extended to include vaping. The county’s board of supervisors updated the verbiage of smoking to include e-cigarettes, which will now be banned at beaches, parks, government buildings, beach parking lots, bus stops, outdoor bars and other common county-owned golf courses.
  • The happiest place on earth won’t be so for vapers anymore, as U.S.-based Disney theme parks has banned vaping. The ban took effect May 1. Additionally, designated smoking areas within parks were removed from all Walt Disney World and Disneyland parks, water parks and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. They were moved to places outside of entrances to the parks.
  • Venice Beach, CA where the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors have voted to update regulations and include vaping in the smoking ban and in the legal definition of smoking. The ordinance applies to county-owned facilities and requires a 50-foot buffer for smoking and vaping near windows and doors of said buildings. Vaping is also banned in county parking lots.
  • Boise, ID, where changes to the Smoke-Free Air At would ban vaping in parks and along the Boise River Greenbelt.